Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions | Lions win 16 – 13

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys | Cowboys win 31 – 16


Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts | Steelers win 28 – 7

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons | Falcons win 38 – 19

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens | Ravens win 19 – 14


Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills | Bills win 28 – 21

Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears | Titans win 27 – 21

New York Giants at Cleveland Browns | Giants win 27 – 13

San Diego Chargers at Houston Texans | Chargers win 21 – 13

San Francisco at Miami Dolphins | Dolphins win 31 – 24

Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints | Saints win 49 – 21


Seattle Seahawks at Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers win 14 – 5

New England Patriots at New York Jets | Patriots win 22 – 17

Carolina Panthers at Oakland Raiders | Raiders win 35 – 32


Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos | Chiefs win 30 – 27

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles | Packers win 27 – 13.

Great week in football, as we now start to see certain teams get weeded out, and the playoff contenders start to show up.

The Cowboys vs Redskins game was easily the game of the week, as they broke numbers on Turkey Day, and push to a 10-game win streak with their young offense. During and after the Redskins loss, Dez Bryant and Josh Norman had a few choice words for each other. It seems that Norman can’t stay away from trouble when it comes to his opposition.

The Steelers have now won two straight games after going on a four game slump. With a 6-5 record they will have to play lights out football to smell the playoffs as the AFC West is pretty strong.

The Atlanta Falcons are not the team of the past, and they are looking to get in the playoffs this year. They win an impressive game against the high flying Cardinals, but they still seem questionable to me.

The Titans are at .500 and show a YUGE improvement from last year with some key additions. Defeating the Bears was a no brainer, now lets see how Marcus Mariota leads his team at home next week against the Broncos.

When it comes to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, it’s hard to bet against them. At 5-6 they are probably the most underrated team in the NFL. They put up 49 points and a beastly offensive game against the Rams.

Who says the Buc stops in Kansas City. I’ll give credit where it’s due, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played a stellar game against the Seahawks rendering them to only 5 points! It’s been some years since TB has played defense like that. Now if the so happen to make it to the playoffs, they will have to keep that defensive surge going and also put up more that just two touchdowns.

The AFC is one tough cookie. I think it would be a dream to see the young Raiders against this Patriots dynasty team in the AFC Divisional Championship game. Both teams are tops in the NFL, but Brady is definitely on a mission, especially after missing his 1st four games of the season. Hi Roger!!

I went 12-4 this week, next week is going to be brutal with some standout key games. Cowboys at Vikings, Chiefs at Falcons, and the Giants at Steelers. Oh boy! Finally the Cleveland Browns will have a bye-week, they will need it after going on a 12 game losing streak. Tough 😦


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