Inspirational Friday: DETERMINATION

determination ~ a fixed purpose… the power and will to persist.. resolve.. to have the drive.. to have the grit.. to go the distance.. to be hell bent on reaching a goal and getting it done no matter what.

What is your ultimate goal?

After you ask yourself that question, take the time to write down all of your ultimate goals that you wish to achieve. I’m not talking about small goals like “picking up milk from the store” or “getting a haircut for today”, but big goals that are a challenge to meet.

Are you determined to meet those goals? Are you eager to see what it feels like to cross the finish line and be victorious for a goal that YOU set out to meet? You have to be… you have to be more excited than anyone else can be for you.

“Sometimes it doesn’t take a village, it takes DETERMINATION.”

If you aren’t nervous about your new goal, then that goal may not be a challenge to you. It might just be another thing that you are stamping your name on.  Challenges will make you better, but a hand full of tasks will only occupy your time and possibly take away from what’s important.

Stay reassuring yourself that you CAN accomplish whatever goal that you are seeking to finish. Does it have a benefit to you, or does it benefit others? Is it a selfless goal or a selfish goal…..reflect.

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” ~ Og Mandingo


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