Everyone needs a little bit of motivation at the beginning of the week. You’re either coming off an exhausting weekend with the kids and you’re trying to put yourself back together. You’ve worked overtime and you’ve lost all the sleep that you had planned on taking. Or maybe your weekend was full of partying, drinking, and doing the total opposite of what you do throughout your work week. And then it hits you….


       The best thing you can do is to organize yourself the best way possible, and have everything lined up exactly the way you want your week to shape out. orderchaos Do that, and your scatter-brain self won’t be all over the place. Make a list!!

  1. Take Scruffy to the dog park.
  2. Finish writing that song that you started on two weeks ago.
  3. Revisit your vacation plans, and move forward with booking the room (no turning back now!).

When you set goals, write them down and put them in a place where you can SEE them every day. Why? It’ll be a daily reminder for you to get it done and to not become a part of #TeamProcrastination. Sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, alert reminders in your phone, sticky notes on your door when you exit your home, or on the dashboard of your car. Make it visual, set goals that you will be excited to accomplish, and when you accomplish your weekly goals, you can now enjoy your weekend as planned.



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