Are you a music lover? Do you sometimes sit and listen to your favorite music artist’s lyrics for days? You’re a fan, you like that person’s music which makes you invest in their music. That was the case for Miranda Dixon when she was kicked in the chest by rap artist Kevin Gates.

After the alleged first warning that he gave her, he could have had her escorted out of the club. If he felt threatened in some kind of way, he could have used his body guards that were standing on stage to take care of things … I mean, they do get paid to put hands on people. As a grown as man, there’s no way you can feel good about yourself for what you did.

I took time to go back & forth on social media and read the banter between Kevin Gates’ supporters and non-supporters, very interesting it was.

I’m not looking at this from a black or white perspective, or this other person’s crime is worse than this one perspective. I’m looking at it from a common sense viewpoint, to where if you are an entertainer in the limelight, as a Kevin Gates is, then you would know that kicking a female in the chest because she grabbed you on stage is a big red flag. Since we live in an era where technology is God, of course there’s going to be someone recording the situation, and that weighs heavily as the deciding factor vs if there was no cellphone footage. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned, and for now, he’ll be kicking rocks thinking about the situation for the next 180 days.


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