Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans | My pick, Titans. This will be an interesting AFC South match. The Titans run game is great, which is making Mariotta look like the 1st round QB he should be. Go Titans.

Washington Redskins at Cincinnati Bengals | My pick, Redskins. Both of these are allowing more points than they are putting up. With the Redskins winning this game, they’ll be hoping the Eagles to lose to the Cowboys. The fight for 2nd in the NFC East weighs in on this game.

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers | My pick, Cardinals. Last week’s Cardinals game against the Seahawks was dismissal. This week the offense will not only put up good numbers, but more points against the struggling Panthers defense.

Detroit Lions at Houston Texans | My pick, Lions. After starting off 1-3, the Lions have gone on a 3-game win streak heading into Houston. The Texans will take two L’s in a row against Detroit.

Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints | My pick, Seahawks. Do the Seahawks have enough defense to stop the Saints, sure do. Wilson will get more good news this week as they win against the Saints.

Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts | My pick, Chiefs. The Chiefs will take their 2-game win streak into Indianapolis for a win.

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns | My pick, Jets. No brainer. The Browns will continue the longest streak in the NFL 😂

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills | My pick, Patriots. Brady has put on his Superman cape, and he’s on a mission. What happened last year vs Buffalo. Forget that game. Brady & company win this in great fashion.

Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers | My pick, Raiders. The Bucs looked good last week against the poor 49ers, but this week they are playing a potentially playoff bound team. The Raiders offense will dominate the Bucs defense.

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos | My pick, Chargers. The AFC West is strong, and with Bosa in the lineup he makes the Chargers defense as strong as the Broncos.

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons | My pick, Packers. Atlanta is showing signs of last season. Maybe? Packers may pull this one out. Atlanta needs to play strong or else they will repeat history.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys | My pick, Cowboys. This is the beginning of a new rivalry. Wentz vs Prescott. These two rookies will give us great games in the years to come. Dallas wins this game in a nail biter.

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears | My pick, Vikings. Easy game for the Vikings as the Bears struggle with their identity.

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