The Invincible Iron Man #1 was pulled from the shelves by Midtown Comics because the new superheroine Riri Williams, who is 15 years old has received complaints that a young girl should not be sexualized to the mass media in such a way. The cover was switched from Riri Williams wearing a crop top shirt to a full on suit of armor to be more tasteful.

J. Scott Campbell is a pin-up artist who is known for his artwork on various known comic book characters.

Comic book history does have its fair share of sexualizing its female mutants such as this under aged Supergirl.

In regard to this particular comic, Riri Williams is a child, and many of the others are adults. So of course this has me thinking, does the same rule apply to under aged superhero boys that are over masculinized in the comic books? Or was Riri targeted for other reasons besides her just being the new replacement for Tony Starks as he engaged in the Civil War II series?

Take a trip over to Twitter, and search the hashtag #TeensThatLookLikeTeens and read the new hashtag movement started by Tee Vixen Franklin @MizCaramelVixen who is the founder of #BlackComicsMonth. Others Twitter pages joined in, head over to @BlackGirlNerds and read what they had to say about how women of color are portrayed in the media.

As a comic reader, I look forward to the new Ironheart series featuring Riri Williams, I’m definitely looking to see how she grows in the vast comic world. Welcome aboard.


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