Ray Rice … caught on surveillance cameras abusing his now wife Janay Palmer. Ray Rice was cut from the Baltimore Ravens almost immediately after the video surfaced and still has not returned to the game field. 

Josh Brown … admitted to abusing his ex wife Molly Brown physically, mentally, and emotionally. He also mentioned he treated her like a slave, and has several documented infractions from 2015. Brown was issued a suspension, and recently barred from traveling with the New York Giants to London. 

ESPN analysts have stated that Roger Goodell is doing a poor job on making the domestic violence policy clear to the fans and the league. Also it has been mentioned that Brown is getting treated with less harshness than Ray Rice because he is white. 

My take is, domestic abuse is domestic abuse. Josh Brown should not be apart of the team, and the more Goodell beats around the bush on what to do, the weaker he continues to look.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


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