Becoming a music artist is one of those things that you just don’t sign up for. It’s not something your order online, and it’s definitely not something you can borrow and give back. Becoming a music artist, you have to have to passion for it to be anywhere near successful. If you are not driven by passion in this field, it will be a tough road ahead, and that’s just putting it lightly.

Who inspired you? Was it a person singing or rapping over an unorthodox drum beat, or was it a musician that you saw at a pub, and you were drawn in by how they controlled the listeners so effortlessly? I’ve always felt like music isn’t just a thing, like … music has to be a part of you, and a music lover is going to know how much passion you have for your music that you are sharing with others. It’s not a competition thing, it’s telling your story in a way to where the music lover is unable to. Yes, you are telling a story for them, or you are inspiring them to get out of a place that they heard you escape from in your story.

First and foremost, you are the only person (unless you’re in a band or group) that should have a sense of urgency to want to share your music. The same way a salesman believes that his product is the best on the market, and will do anything to get the word out, that you will share your music to the next person by any means. It all will trickledown, but it has to start with you in the driver’s seat of your passion.

Gui Anna

So you found out that you can sing, that is great!! What next? You learn how to write a song, that is a great step, but … what next? What is your action plan now to get it recorded, make it sound professional, and share that PASSION with someone? It’s very simple … just ask? Ask someone where the nearest recording studio is, once you find out, ask for a tour of the facility and find out what equipment they use to help out artists like yourself move forward. Don’t settle for the first studio unless you are driven to, do a comparison and see which one works best for you and your circumstance. If you’re a singer, find a recording studio that caters to singers. If you’re a musician, find a studio where the music engineer knows how to make the recording of an instrument sound professional. The more you focus on the quality of what you will deliver…you will deliver.

I’ll stop there, because getting into the logistics of being an artist is a different conversation, and I’ll cover that at a later time. 

Find out what inspired you, and in time you will find all the ways to inspire another musician. 

Written by @Bakari79

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