Ben Roethlisberger out again with a possible season ending injury? This time around it seems to be his knee again, a torn meniscus…ouch! In 2015 he also went down against the St. Louis Rams with an injury to his knee, then replaced by Michael Vick who is currently a free agent on the market. Roethlisberger ended with a loss to the Dolphins with 189 yards and 19-of-34 passing attempts. Landry Jones came in briefly, but even with the injury Ben was able to finish off the game.

Prior to this loss, the Steelers were destroying teams averaging 27.8 ppg with the exceptional loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully Roethlisberger gets well soon, it’s looking like his replacement will be Zach Mettenberger. Let’s see if after this injury, he can come back in good health to lead his team. Maybe the Steelers need to start looking around for future options like the Cowboys did.

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