After so many years, I still wonder why Tony Romo is still even on the Dallas Cowboy roster. For whatever reasons, you can’t keep paying someone millions to spend more time on the injured list if you have better options to lead your team. Enter Dak Prescott.

Romo gets injured against the Seattle Seahawks, a broken bone in his back that gave him an estimated 6-10 week recovery period. Prescott comes in to lead the team, and he’s done just that in more ways that one. Here’s my reasons why Dak should remain at the helm as the Cowboys starter when Romo returns.

  1. 5-1 As A Starter – His 1st professional game was against the New York Giants where he suffered a 19-20 loss. Since then, five straight wins vs the RedskinsBears49ersBengals, and the Packers. That’s not bad for the 135th pick in round 4 to come in and help his team defeat three playoff teams from the previous season.
  2. Dak & Ezekiel Tandum – Together the two rookies have combined for over 2,200 yards from scrimmage through six games. Keep the team fresh and full of confidence, backed by veteran offensive lineman and they will break records. Shameless plug…Ezekiel Elliot leads the league in rushing with 703 yards.
  3. Team Leader – He’s prooven himself in the early stages that he’s a positive leader on the field, and he doesn’t make that many mistakes. So far he has 7 TDs and only 1 INT with a raw QB rating of 82.8, 2nd best in the league to Matt Ryan’s 83.5. 

    The Cowboys are currently 1st in their division with the Redskins right behind them at 4-2. The Cowboys have the advantage from defeating them in week two. Dak is exciting to watch, and this team will go far with him starting. In my opinion, popularity and fame should not win the starting position. 


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