Denver Broncos (4-2) vs San Diego Chargers (2-4) | My pick, Broncos. The winners were the San Diego Chargers 👎

San Francisco 49ers (1-5) vs Buffalo Bills (4-2) | My pick, Bills. The winners were the Bills. 👍

Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) vs Washington Redskins (4-2) | My pick, Eagles. The winners were the Redskins. 👎

Cleveland Browns (0-6) vs Tennessee Titans (3-3) | My pick, Titans. The winner was the Titans. 👍

Baltimore Ravens (3-3) vs New York Giants (3-3) | My pick, Ravens. The winners were the Giants. 👎

Carolina Panthers (1-5) vs New Orleans Saints(2-3) | My pick, Saints. The winners were the Saints. 👍

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3) vs Chicago Bears(1-5) | My pick, Jaguars. The winners were the Jaguars. 👍

Los Angeles Rams (3-3) vs Detroit Lions (3-3) | My pick, Rams. The winners were the Detroit. 👎

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) vs Miami Dolphins (2-4) | My pick, Steelers. The winners were the Dolphins. 👎

Cincinnati Bengals (2-4) vs New England Patriots (5-1) | My pick, Patriots. The winners were the Patriots. 👍

Kansas City Chiefs (3-2) vs Oakland Raiders (4-2) | My pick, Raiders. The winners were the Chiefs. 👎

Atlanta Falcons (4-2) vs Seattle Seahawks (4-1) | My pick, Falcons. The winners were the Seahawks. 👎

Dallas Cowboys (5-1) vs Green Bay Packers (3-2) | My pick, Cowboys. The winners were the Cowboys. 👍

Indianapolis Colts (2-4) vs Houston Texans (4-2) | My pick, Colts. The winners were the Texans. 👎

New York Jets (1-5) vs Arizona Cardinals (3-3) | My pick, Cardinals. The winners were the Cardinals. 👍

Not a good week, I won 7 out of 15 games. Next week I’ll do better 😖


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