Luke Cage (review)

Black superhero from Harlem…the ability to be gifted with bullet proof skin, what else could you want? The new Netflix series Luke Cage played by Mike Colter was very anticipated up to its release date. It’s safe to say that it did deliver, well on my end it did.

Pros: The casting was perfect and everyone did a great job embracing their roles. Cotton Mouth was the gangsta villain that complemented Luke Cage, his role was perfect, but he died too quick for me. Loved the role of Misty Knight, she did a good job and I’m looking to see how she grows into her character. The storyline and actions scenes were good enough for the movie, but could of been better. The high for me was the music selected for the movie. I can keep that alone on replay.

Cons: There were moments where the storyline got a bit boring for me. It just became predictable during many parts of the movie. “Diamondback” was a good villain, on the old school side, but cheesy also.

Overall: I give the Luke Cage series a B+  I’m definitely looking forward to the next series!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐

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